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Loneliness Song Quotes

"I go downtown where they don't know my name."

Go (Blank Sea) - Zola Jesus

Distance Hurting Loneliness

"Money is nothing alone."

Davy - Danny Wilson

Loneliness Money Need

"Sink full of dishes and a love grown cold."

Broke Down - Slaid Cleaves

Frustration Futility Loneliness

"It's almost like only I exist."

Center Of Attention - Guster

Distance Loneliness Pride

"Seems like everybody up and left and they're not coming back"

Still Beating - Josh Ritter

josh ritter still beating song quotes
Family Loneliness Travel

"Still this emptiness persists... Perhaps this is as good as it gets"

Beautiful World - Colin Hay

colin hay beautiful world song quotes
Acceptance Loneliness Need

"Over the game, rather be alone..."

Make Art Not Friends - Sturgill Simpson

sturgill simpson make art song quotes
Futility Honesty Loneliness

"Tell 'em to carve my name in the barstool, baby, you know I'm gonna be here a while."

Sing Along - Sturgill Simpson

sturgill simpson sing along song quotes
Acceptance Drugs Loneliness

"If it weren't for second chances, we'd all be alone."

Second Chances - Gregory Alan Isakov

gregory alan isakov second chances song quotes
Loneliness Maturity Philosophy

"I can't find the man I was waiting for..."

Poetry By Dead Men - Sara Bareilles

sara bareilles poetry dead men song quotes
Bored Frustration Loneliness

"Millions of people are waiting on love."

People Like Us - Talking Heads

talking heads people like us song quotes
Loneliness Love Patience

"The floors and the boards recalling your step, and I remember too."

Jesse - Janis Ian

janis ian jesse song quotes
Home Loneliness Patience

"When you're feeling lonely, every town's the same."

Every Love - Janis Ian

janis ian every love song quotes
Family Loneliness Love

"There must be something terribly wrong with me."

The Come On - Janis Ian

janis ian come on song quotes
Loneliness Pride The Mind

"I wish you'd come back to me."

And The World Turned - Gabe Dixon Band

gabe dixon world turned song quotes
Being Sorry Breaking Up Loneliness

"All I was, all my life it seems, was hard to love, harder now to keep..."

I Have A Need For Solitude - Mary Chapin Carpenter

mary chapin carpenter solitude song quotes
Honesty Loneliness Pride

"Love is out there in a stranger's clothes."

Late For Your Life - Mary Chapin Carpenter

mary chapin carpenter late life song quotes
Loneliness Love Time

"Loneliness is like a cold, common and no cure we're told..."

Girls Like Me - Mary Chapin Carpenter

mary chapin carpenter girls song quotes
Life Loneliness Need

"Twas then he felt alone."

Simple Twist Of Fate - Bob Dylan

bob dylan simple twist fate quotes song
Loneliness Need Time

"He's trembling for the taste of passion gone to waste in memories of the past."

Pleasures Of The Harbor - Phil Ochs

phil ochs pleasures harbor song quotes
Loneliness Loss Sex

"I look at you and you look at a screen."

Stay Down - Boygenius

boygenius stay down song quotes
Frustration Loneliness Technology

"The song I was singing was a cry in the night for morning to come."

Thinking About You - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

jimmie dale gilmore thinking song quotes
Happiness Loneliness The Mind

"When I ran out somebody else walked in."

Kentucky Gambler - Merle Haggard

merle haggard kentucky gambler song quotes
Breaking Up Distance Loneliness

"This sudden loneliness has made me dangerous. Please don't watch me as I fall apart."

Armed With A Broken Heart - John Gorka

john gorka broken heart song quotes
Breaking Up Loneliness Maturity

"Ray Charles is singing her name like rain on my window."

Forget About Georgia - Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real

lukas nelson forget georgia song quotes
Breaking Up Loneliness Music

"I fight with my brain to believe my eyes."

These Streets - Paolo Nutini

paolo nutini these streets song quotes
Drugs Loneliness The Mind

"Without you here there is less to say."

I Just Don't Think I'l Ever Get Over You - Colin Hay

colin hay just think song quotes
Loneliness Loss Love

"I can't sleep and I miss your face."

Demi Moore - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers demi moore song quotes
Loneliness Need Sleep

"He smiled to the world but his heart fell below his pain."

Fall In Two - Guster

guster fall in two song quotes
Frustration Loneliness

"I'd like it here if I could leave and see you from a long way away"

Good Advices - R.E.M.

r.e.m. good advice song quotes
Loneliness Travel

"She no longer needs you."

For No One - Beatles

beatles song quotes
Breaking Up Frustration Loneliness

"An ocean refuses no river."

Ever So Lonely - Sheila Chandra

sheila chandra ever so lonely song quotes
Loneliness Openness Philosophy
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