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Openness Song Quotes

"Yeah, if you made a list of people that you trusted / Would you put your name down?"

Only - NF & Sasha Sloan

Acceptance Honesty Openness

"Wouldn't you die to know how you're seen?"

Wild Fire - Laura Marling

Freedom Honesty Openness

"Cash it in and throw it all away!"

Throw It All Away - Zero 7

zero 7 throw away song quotes
Freedom Openness Passion

"You got to learn how to hang with the freaks and the hicks."

External Actor - Okkervil River

Happiness Openness Travel

"I'd like to make my shame count for something."

Not What I Needed - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest not needed song quotes
Openness Pride Sex

"This is why first impressions are often correct."

Seen And Not Seen - Talking Heads

talking heads seen and not song quotes
Love Openness The Mind

"Don't try to hide your natural looks, forget about the cover, lemme read the book."

Shave Yo Legs - Keb Mo

keb mo shave yo legs song quotes
Acceptance Love Openness

"Most people are jokes but you're so real."

Nervous Young Inhumans - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest inhumans song quotes
Honesty Maturity Openness

"I find myself convincing."

Parachute - Guster

guster parachute song quotes
Acceptance Openness The Mind

"I just want to live each day to love her for what she is."

Superwoman - Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder superwoman song quotes
Acceptance Love Openness

"When you believe in things that you don't understand then you suffer."

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder superstition song quotes
Openness Science Technology

"The sun's not yellow, it's chicken."

Tombstone Blues - Bob Dylan

bob dylan tombstone blues song quotes
Drugs Openness Philosophy

"I know that you were younger once but you sure are older now."

I'm Going To Say It Now - Phil Ochs

phil ochs say it now song quotes
Life Maturity Openness

"She promises to talk to you, if you promise not to think."

The Party - Phil Ochs

phil ochs party song quotes
Openness Religion The Mind

"My life is changing every day in every possible way."

Dreams - Cranberries

cranberries dreams song quotes
Happiness Life Openness

"You are what you love and not what loves you back."

You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis love song quotes
Family Love Openness

"When you gonna let me know if you give a damn about me?"

Say My Name - ODESZA

Frustration Honesty Openness

"This is not a tactic to expose you."

All We Need - ODESZA

Honesty Openness

"A big pain but love him all the damn same."

Bug - Alex G

sandy alex g bug song quotes
Love Openness Patience

"Every fish in the sea wants to kiss you!"

Everyone Is Gay - A Great Big World

great big world everyone song quotes
Love Openness Sex

"You can't live your life on your deathbed."

Til The End Of Time - Devotchka

devotchka til end time song quotes
Life Maturity Openness

"Can't you see that all that stuff's a sideshow?"

Let Go - Frou Frou

frou frou let go song quotes
Maturity Openness Politics

"I'm just a mirror of a mirror of my self."

Least Complicated - Indigo Girls

indigo girls song quotes least complicated
Frustration Openness Philosophy

"I'm learning anything is possible now!"

Rockstar - A Great Big World

great big world rockstar song quotes
Happiness Maturity Openness

"When I look at myself I don't see the man I wanted to be."

One Step Up - Bruce Springsteen

bruce springsteen one step song quotes
Honesty Life Openness

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of."

Prince Charming - Adam Ant

adam ant prince charming song quotes
Frustration Openness Pride

"Tomorrow I start in a new direction."

Come Downstairs and Say Hello - Guster

guster come downstairs song quotes
Frustration Maturity Openness

"We are ourselves despite ourselves."

I Am Not The Only Cowboy - Josh Joplin Group

josh joplin group not only cowboy song quotes
Openness Philosophy

"To Hell with what you're thinking and to Hell with your narrow mind!"

Free To Decide - Cranberries

cranberries free to decide song quotes
Hatred Openness The Mind

"An ocean refuses no river."

Ever So Lonely - Sheila Chandra

sheila chandra ever so lonely song quotes
Loneliness Openness Philosophy
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