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Passion Song Quotes

"We may feel about to fall but we go down fighting!"

Just One Victory - Todd Rundgren

Advice Passion Pride

"And if they stare? Just let them burn their eyes on you moving."

Hold Your Head Up - Argent

Acceptance Jealousy Passion

"The only boy I'd anything is Andrew in Drag."

Andrew in Drag - Magnetic Fields

Passion Relationships Sex

"It's never gonna matter at all."

Cold Sweat - Church of the Cosmic Skull

Communication Passion Sleep

"The Lord respects me when I'm working hard but he loves me when I sing."

Sunday Best - Jeff Black

Passion Religion Work

"Cash it in and throw it all away!"

Throw It All Away - Zero 7

zero 7 throw away song quotes
Freedom Openness Passion

"No one else can ever compare to me and you!"

Ghost - Ballet School

ballet school ghost song quotes
Love Maturity Passion

"She thought it was God calling her."

I Don't Want To Wait - Paula Cole

paula cole want wait song quotes
Loss Passion War

"Tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other from a lifetime of cares."

Love Song To A Stranger - Joan Baez

joan baez love stranger song quotes
Need Passion Sex

"Going where the weather suits my clothes..."

Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson

harry nillson everybodys talkin song quotes
Honesty Passion Travel

"I thought that if I tried a little bit harder you'd change your mind."

Sour Breath - Julien Baker

julien baker sour breath song quotes
Frustration Need Passion

"I want to call you every day and beg you to be near me!"

17 Days - Prince

prince seventeen days song quotes
Frustration Need Passion

"Good people got something to lose."

Gretel - Alex G

sandy alex g gretel song quotes
Frustration Passion Pride
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