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Science Song Quotes

"He aint ever been to church so he doesn't have a soul."

Dead Dog Song - Okkervil River

okkervil river dead dog song quotes
Religion Science Travel

"Now tell me, what the hell have we become?"

Blind - Talking Heads

talking heads blind song quotes
Pride Science Technology

"Facts all come with points of view."

Crosseyed and Painless - Talking Heads

talking heads crosseyed painless song quotes
Pride Science The Mind

"Things fall apart, It's scientific."

Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads

talking heads wild life song quotes
Futility Loss Science

"When you believe in things that you don't understand then you suffer."

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder superstition song quotes
Openness Science Technology

"I've won hundreds at the track, but I'm not betting on the afterlife."

The Big Guns - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis big guns song quotes
Money Religion Science

"You can wake up sounder if you get analyzed."

Rise Up With Fists! - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis rise up song quotes
Honesty Science The Mind

"He lost his mind from the TV and now he's playing God."

Murray - Pete Yorn

pete yorn murray song quotes
Science Television The Mind

"Only a fool believes that he is different from the birds in the sky."

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion - Flaming Lips

flaming lips cosmic autumn quotes song
Life Religion Science

"The atoms in your body are as old as every dinosaur."

Cheer Up! - A Great Big World

great big world cheer song quotes
Life Science Time
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