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Sex Song Quotes

"A double bed and a stalwart lover for sure;
These are the riches of the poor."

I Want the One I Can't Have - Smiths

Happiness Money Sex

"The only boy I'd anything is Andrew in Drag."

Andrew in Drag - Magnetic Fields

Passion Relationships Sex

"Whenever I'm around you, baby, I get a dirty mind."

Dirty Mind - Prince

Need Sex The Mind

"Negotiations and love songs are often mistaken for one and the same."

Everybody Loves The Sound Of A Train In The Distance - Paul Simon

paul simon sound train song quotes
Breaking Up Pride Sex

"Tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other from a lifetime of cares."

Love Song To A Stranger - Joan Baez

joan baez love stranger song quotes
Need Passion Sex

"I'd like to make my shame count for something."

Not What I Needed - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest not needed song quotes
Openness Pride Sex

"I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair and nothing is better than that, is it?"

Girlfriend Is Better - Talking Heads

talking heads girlfriend better song quotes
Need Pride Sex

"Maybe I'll marry her... Maybe I won't."

She's Always In My Hair - Prince

prince always hair song quotes
Breaking Up Pride Sex

"Do I look like a daddy to you?"

Rake and Rambling Man - Don Williams

don williams ramblin man song quotes
Family Pride Sex

"She will wake up wealthy and you will wake up forty-five."

Rise Up With Fists! - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis rise fists song quotes
Money Sex Time

"The hills are alive with celibate cries."

These Things Take Time - Smiths

smiths things take time song quotes
Frustration Need Sex

"Your eyes say things I never hear from you."

If Only For One Night - Luther Vandross

luther vandross one night song quotes
Love Music Sex

"He's trembling for the taste of passion gone to waste in memories of the past."

Pleasures Of The Harbor - Phil Ochs

phil ochs pleasures harbor song quotes
Loneliness Loss Sex

"We got no sleep cause we were kissing."

Me And My Dog - Boygenius

boygenius dog song quotes
Frustration Sex Sleep

"I'm not gonna stop till the war is over."

Do Me, Baby - Prince

prince do me baby quotes song
Excessive Sex War

"Every fish in the sea wants to kiss you!"

Everyone Is Gay - A Great Big World

great big world everyone song quotes
Love Openness Sex

"If you're under him, you aint gettin' over him."

New Rules - Dua Lipa

dua lipa new rules song quotes
Breaking Up Philosophy Sex

"You Catholic girls start much too late."

Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel

billy joel good die song quotes
Frustration Religion Sex

"My computer thinks I'm gay."

Too Many Friends - Placebo

placebo too many friends song quotes
Pride Sex Technology
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