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Frustration Song Quotes

"I should just be my own best friend."

Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse

Friendship Frustration Popularity

"Sink full of dishes and a love grown cold."

Broke Down - Slaid Cleaves

Frustration Futility Loneliness

"I'm empty and aching and I don't know why."

America - Paul Simon

paul simon america song quotes
Frustration Loss Need

"I don't find this stuff amusing anymore."

You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon

paul simon call me al song quotes
Frustration Patience Pride

"I'm kinda busy, could you call back again?"

Can't Keep Checking My Phone - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

unknown mortal orchestra phone song quotes
Frustration Technology Work

"Say something once, why say it again?"

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

talking heads psycho killer song quotes
Frustration Philosophy Pride

"I think I'll start over where no one knows my name."

Boston - Augustana

augustana boston song quotes
Breaking Up Frustration Travel

"I thought that if I tried a little bit harder you'd change your mind."

Sour Breath - Julien Baker

julien baker sour breath song quotes
Frustration Need Passion

"I want to call you every day and beg you to be near me!"

17 Days - Prince

prince seventeen days song quotes
Frustration Need Passion

"I can't find the man I was waiting for..."

Poetry By Dead Men - Sara Bareilles

sara bareilles poetry dead men song quotes
Bored Frustration Loneliness

"Good people got something to lose."

Gretel - Alex G

sandy alex g gretel song quotes
Frustration Passion Pride

"He wants to give her what he thinks she wants."

Cold Feet - Tracy Chapman

tracy chapman cold feet song quotes
Frustration Need Pride

"I'll fight like hell to hide that I'm giving up."

Another Travelin' Song - Bright Eyes

bright eyes another travelin song quotes
Frustration Pride Travel

"Smile pretty and watch your back."

Every State Line - Ani DiFranco

ani difranco every state song quotes
Acceptance Frustration Travel

"There's more than one answer to these questions, pointing me in a crooked line..."

Closer To Fine - Indigo Girls

indigo girls closer fine song quotes
Frustration Philosophy Religion

"Wearing shoes with no socks in cold weather."

Houses In Motion - Talking Heads

talking heads houses motion song quotes
Frustration Futility Travel

"Very slowly picking me apart..."

Lately - Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder lately song quotes
Frustration Pride The Mind

"If he stops to think, he starts to cry."

I Will Follow - U2

u2 will follow song quotes
Frustration Need The Mind

"I smoke because I'm hoping for an early death and I need to cling to something."

What She Said - Smiths

smiths what she said song quotes
Frustration Futility Need

"I want to turn down the goddam TV."

Something Soon - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest something soon song quotes
Family Frustration Television

"You are anonymous, I am a concrete wall."

Smoke Signals - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers smoke signals song quotes
Being Sorry Frustration Pride

"How quickly would I die if I jump from the top of the parachutes?"

Rusholme Ruffians - Smiths

smiths rusholme ruffians song quotes
Bored Frustration Loss

"The hills are alive with celibate cries."

These Things Take Time - Smiths

smiths things take time song quotes
Frustration Need Sex

"Why didn't you stay?"

Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer - Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder dreamed summer song quotes
Breaking Up Frustration Loss

"I look at you and you look at a screen."

Stay Down - Boygenius

boygenius stay down song quotes
Frustration Loneliness Technology

"We got no sleep cause we were kissing."

Me And My Dog - Boygenius

boygenius dog song quotes
Frustration Sex Sleep

"Otherwise I have to listen to me think."

Didn't Know What I Was In For - Better Oblivion Community Center

better oblivion community center song quotes
Frustration Honesty The Mind

"When you gonna let me know if you give a damn about me?"

Say My Name - ODESZA

Frustration Honesty Openness

"I'm just a mirror of a mirror of my self."

Least Complicated - Indigo Girls

indigo girls song quotes least complicated
Frustration Openness Philosophy

"Just like dust we settle in this town."

Merry Go 'Round - Kacey Musgraves

kacey musgraves merry round song quotes
Family Frustration Life

"You Catholic girls start much too late."

Only The Good Die Young - Billy Joel

billy joel good die song quotes
Frustration Religion Sex

"I don't wanna be stoned anymore."

Demi Moore - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers demi moore song quotes
Drugs Frustration

"When I think too much about it I can't breathe."

Funeral - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers funeral song quotes
Frustration Honesty The Mind

"You weren't your momma's only boy, but her favorite one it seemed."

Pancho And Lefty - Willie Nelson

willie nelson pancho lefty song quotes
Family Frustration Patience

"When I awoke today, suddenly, nothing happened!"

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin - Colin Hay

colin hay waiting real life song quotes
Frustration Patience Sleep

"My time is often decided for me."

Life, In A Nutshell - Barenaked Ladies

barenaked ladies nutshell song quotes
Frustration Maturity Time

"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of."

Prince Charming - Adam Ant

adam ant prince charming song quotes
Frustration Openness Pride

"My back is sore from bendin' over backwards just to lay the world at your door."

You Take Me For Granted - Merle Haggard

merle haggard granted song quotes
Frustration Futility Love

"Tomorrow I start in a new direction."

Come Downstairs and Say Hello - Guster

guster come downstairs song quotes
Frustration Maturity Openness

"I can't keep on giving you what might be meant for someone new."


johnnyswim over song quotes
Breaking Up Frustration

"Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking when I hear the silly things you say."

Alison - Elvis Costello

elvis costello alison song quotes
Frustration Futility Honesty

"I want to live at the Holiday Inn where somebody else makes the bed."

Smoke Signals - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers chelsea song quotes
Frustration Need Travel

"He smiled to the world but his heart fell below his pain."

Fall In Two - Guster

guster fall in two song quotes
Frustration Loneliness

"It's funny how life works out, the odds of faith in the face of doubt."

Camera One - Josh Joplin Group

josh joplin group camera one song quotes
Frustration Futility

"She no longer needs you."

For No One - Beatles

beatles song quotes
Breaking Up Frustration Loneliness

"Morning came and I tried not to notice."

Bessa - Tilly and the Wall

tilly and the wall bessa song quotes
Frustration The Mind

"Every single time I come to this town, it brings out the worst in me."

Beast In Me - Martin Sexton

martin sexton the beast in me song quotes
Frustration Travel

"I'm so sick of... fill in the blank..."

Fill In The Blank - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest fill in the blank song quotes
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