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Time Song Quotes

"I'll continue to continue to pretend that my life will never end."

Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall - Paul Simon

paul simon flowers rainfall song quotes
Freedom Philosophy Time

"The feels die."

Diamonds, Girl - El May

el may diamonds song quotes
Breaking Up Futility Time

"Every year I'm getting older, every day I feel the same."

Message - Alex G

sandy alex g message song quotes
Futility Patience Time

"We're all flashes in a great big pan, and they're turning up the heat."

Amber Lee - John Gorka

john gorka amber lee song quotes
Life Philosophy Time

"All is changed with time."

All In Love Is Fair - Stevie Wonder

stevie wonder love fair song quotes
Futility Love Time

"She sleeps in, lies around, and then she goes out and then one day she's gone. What should I have done?"

Savannah Smiles - Okkervil River

okkervil river savannah smiles song quotes
Family Pride Time

"Our parents were freaking but it was our season, all that time ago."

It Was My Season - Okkervil River

okkervil river my season song quotes
Family Home Time

"I'm alive but a different kind of alive than the way I used to be."

Starry Stairs - Okkervil River

okkervil river starry stairs song quotes
Maturity Religion Time

"When we're older things may change."

Society's Child - Janis Ian

janis ian societys child song quotes
Patience Politics Time

"I swear to you we'll wait for time to take its time."

Hair Of Spun Gold - Janis Ian

janis ian hair spun gold song quotes
Acceptance Patience Time

"Sometimes I wonder if this is meant to be."

With You - Prince

prince with you song quotes
Love Maturity Time

"Feeling like Winter would never turn to Spring."

I'll Be Your Water - Keb Mo

keb mo water song quotes
Love Patience Time

"Love is out there in a stranger's clothes."

Late For Your Life - Mary Chapin Carpenter

mary chapin carpenter late life song quotes
Loneliness Love Time

"I'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky."

One Tree Hill - U2

u2 one tree hill song quotes
Loss Religion Time

"Closer now to fifty than to forty."

Maggie's Dream - Don Williams

don williams maggies dream song quotes
Life Time Work

"Things back here, they never change at all..."

If Hollywood Don't Need You - Don Williams

don williams hollywood song quotes
Forgiveness Home Time

"You make now a so much better time."

Love Me Over Again - Don Williams

don williams love again song quotes
Happiness Love Time

"Don't call it a sign of the times when it's always been this way."

Voices - Sturgill Simpson

sturgill simpson voices song quotes
Futility Technology Time

"Life without death is just impossible."

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate - Flaming Lips

flaming lips disintegrate song quotes
Life Religion Time

"That's just a lot of water underneath a bridge I burned."

The Song Remembers When - Trisha Yearwood

trisha song remembers when quotes
Being Sorry Futility Time

"Fate's got cards that it don't want to show."

Walkaway Joe - Trisha Yearwood

trisha yearwood walkaway joe song quotes
Love Patience Time

"Grandma cried when I pierced my nose."

Slow Burn - Kacey Musgraves

kacey musgraves slow burn song quotes
Family Pride Time

"She will wake up wealthy and you will wake up forty-five."

Rise Up With Fists! - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis rise fists song quotes
Money Sex Time

"All the bricks that built our brain will be turned into sand by the eternal wave."

Am I In Heaven? - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

king gizzard heaven song quotes
Philosophy Religion Time

"Stay on my arm, you little charmer."

Hand In Glove - Smiths

smiths hand in glove song quotes
Need Patience Time

"She might think that I've forgotten her, don't tell her it isn't so."

If You See Her, Say Hello - Bob Dylan

bob dylan say hello song quotes
Loss Pride Time

"Twas then he felt alone."

Simple Twist Of Fate - Bob Dylan

bob dylan simple twist fate quotes song
Loneliness Need Time

"People don't live or die, people just float."

Man In The Long Black Coat - Bob Dylan

bob dylan long black coat song quotes
Life Religion Time

"It's always the old to lead us to the wars, always the young to fall."

I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs

phil ochs marching anymore song quotes
Maturity Time War

"I'll be forever holding you responsible."

Forever Yellow Skies - Cranberries

cranberries forever yellow song quotes
Forgiveness Pride Time

"Nothing is ever as good as it was."

Melt Your Heart - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis melt your heart song quotes
Forgiveness Futility Time

"I'm just another lady without a baby."

Just One Of The Guys - Jenny Lewis

jenny lewis one guys song quotes
Family Maturity Time

"The atoms in your body are as old as every dinosaur."

Cheer Up! - A Great Big World

great big world cheer song quotes
Life Science Time

"If I were young again I'd pay attention to that little-known dimension, the taste of endless time."

Leave The Light On - Chris Smither

chris smither leave light on song quotes
Honesty Maturity Time

"As soon as you're born, you start dying."

Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake

cake sheep heaven song quotes
Honesty Life Time

"Don't you realize our bodies could fall apart at any second?"

Bodys - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest bodys song quotes
Futility Life Time

"You watch us grow up, we watch you grow old."

Time Taketh Away - Cheryl Wheeler

Family Life Time

"You share the same fate as the people you hate."

Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest drunk drivers song quotes
Hatred Life Time

"My time is often decided for me."

Life, In A Nutshell - Barenaked Ladies

barenaked ladies nutshell song quotes
Frustration Maturity Time
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