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Life Song Quotes

"It's not something you get over..."

It's Something You Get Through - Willie Nelson

Acceptance Life Loss

"My intentions couldn't have been purer."

Try Walking In My Shoes - Depeche Mode

Forgiveness Honesty Life

"Feeling somewhere between happy and sad."

Micheline - Sun Kil Moon

Life Loss Maturity

"Some people like to pile things up around them and surround themselves with beautiful lies."

Making It Up - Jason Mraz

Life People Religion

"Unaware that I may not be lost"

Lazarus - Placebo

Happiness Life Religion

"Sometimes it's hard to stay on track but we do it again like it never happened."

He's Having A Baby - Elk City

elk city having baby song quotes
Futility Life Patience

"I don't have a friend who feels at ease."

American Tune - Paul Simon

paul simon american tune song quotes
Fear Life The Mind

"We're all flashes in a great big pan, and they're turning up the heat."

Amber Lee - John Gorka

john gorka amber lee song quotes
Life Philosophy Time

"Guard your hope with your life."

Elysium - Bear's Den

bears den elysium song quotes
Advice Life Maturity

"I will raise the children if you pay all the bills."

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? - Paula Cole

paula cole where cowboys song quotes
Family Home Life

"Somewhere between hypocrite and hallelujah..."

Tough Folks - American Aquarium

american aquarium tough folks song quotes
Acceptance Life Religion

"How well I remember, in the heat of summer pleasure, winter fades."

Love Is Blind - Janis Ian

janis ian love blind song quotes
Breaking Up Life The Mind

"Music showed me how to live."

Thankyous - Janis Ian

janis ian thankyous song quotes
Happiness Life Music

"You turn on the telly and every other story is tellin' you somebody died."

Sign O' The Times - Prince

prince sign times song quotes
Futility Life Television

"Is the poverty bringing you down?"

Pop Life - Prince

prince pop life song quotes
Life Money Work

"Loneliness is like a cold, common and no cure we're told..."

Girls Like Me - Mary Chapin Carpenter

mary chapin carpenter girls song quotes
Life Loneliness Need

"Closer now to fifty than to forty."

Maggie's Dream - Don Williams

don williams maggies dream song quotes
Life Time Work

"Life without death is just impossible."

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate - Flaming Lips

flaming lips disintegrate song quotes
Life Religion Time

"They got a portrait by Van Gogh on the Wikipedia page for clinical depression; Well, it helps to describe it."

Vincent - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest vincent song quotes
Life Philosophy The Mind

"People don't live or die, people just float."

Man In The Long Black Coat - Bob Dylan

bob dylan long black coat song quotes
Life Religion Time

"I know that you were younger once but you sure are older now."

I'm Going To Say It Now - Phil Ochs

phil ochs say it now song quotes
Life Maturity Openness

"We were raised to see life as fun and take it if we can."

Ode To My Family - Cranberries

cranberries family ode song quotes
Family Happiness Life

"My life is changing every day in every possible way."

Dreams - Cranberries

cranberries dreams song quotes
Happiness Life Openness

"Inject your soul with liberty!"

Salvation - Cranberries

cranberries salvation song quotes
Life Philosophy Religion

"You're never quite as strong as you sound."

If Ever I Stray - Frank Turner

frank turner stray song quotes
Life Maturity Pride

"You can't live your life on your deathbed."

Til The End Of Time - Devotchka

devotchka til end time song quotes
Life Maturity Openness

"Only a fool believes that he is different from the birds in the sky."

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion - Flaming Lips

flaming lips cosmic autumn quotes song
Life Religion Science

"How you gonna make me kill somebody I don't even know?"

Partyup - Prince

prince partyup song quotes
Hatred Life War

"The atoms in your body are as old as every dinosaur."

Cheer Up! - A Great Big World

great big world cheer song quotes
Life Science Time

"As soon as you're born, you start dying."

Sheep Go To Heaven - Cake

cake sheep heaven song quotes
Honesty Life Time

"Just like dust we settle in this town."

Merry Go 'Round - Kacey Musgraves

kacey musgraves merry round song quotes
Family Frustration Life

"When I look at myself I don't see the man I wanted to be."

One Step Up - Bruce Springsteen

bruce springsteen one step song quotes
Honesty Life Openness

"Don't you realize our bodies could fall apart at any second?"

Bodys - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest bodys song quotes
Futility Life Time

"You watch us grow up, we watch you grow old."

Time Taketh Away - Cheryl Wheeler

Family Life Time

"You share the same fate as the people you hate."

Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales - Car Seat Headrest

car seat headrest drunk drivers song quotes
Hatred Life Time

"Summer's almost over and I'm crying but I don't know why..."

Summer's Almost Over - Cheryl Wheeler

Honesty Life Maturity

"Doesn't it just break your heart to know that none of this will last?"

Demons - Frank Turner

frank turner demons song quotes
Futility Life Philosophy
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