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War Song Quotes

"I have been deceived."

Border Song (Holy Moses) - Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Song Quotes
Racism Religion War

"I look at that great big red button and I'm tempted."

The Temptation of Adam - Josh Ritter

Acceptance Futility War

"They can find a way to help or they can go to hell."

Girl In The War - Josh Ritter

josh ritter girl war song quotes
Pride Religion War

"If they want to talk trash, they can talk, talk, talk!"

Sydney - Brett Dennen

brett dennen sydney song quotes
Futility Popularity War

"Flying high beats dying for lies in a politician's war."

A Sailor's Guide to Earth - Sturgill Simpson

sturgill simpson sailors guide song quotes
Drugs Loss War

"She thought it was God calling her."

I Don't Want To Wait - Paula Cole

paula cole want wait song quotes
Loss Passion War

"Those people who surround you only want to see you weak enough to crawl."

From Me To You - Janis Ian

janis ian from me you song quotes
Hatred Honesty War

"The sound of gunfire, off in the distance, I'm getting used to it now."

Life During Wartime - Talking Heads

talking heads life wartime song quotes
Distance Loss War

"It's a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want."

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - Flaming Lips

flaming lips yeah song quotes
Drugs Excessive War

"If the mountains should crumble or disappear into the sea, not a tear, no, not I."

The Unforgettable Fire - U2

u2 unforgettable fire song quotes
Loss Pride War

"I won't heed the battle call."

Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2

u2 bloody sunday song quotes
Forgiveness Politics War

"Satan's army will never win!"

I Hate The TV - Violent Femmes

violent femmes add up song quotes
Religion Television War

"Let me ask you one question, is your money that good?"

Masters Of War - Bob Dylan

bob dylan war masters song quotes
Forgiveness Money War

"I've grown older and wiser, and that's why I'm turning you in."

Love Me, I'm A Liberal - Phil Ochs

phil ochs love liberal song quotes
Maturity Politics War

"Maybe we should raise our voices, ask somebody why... but demonstrations are a drag, besides, we're much too high."

Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends - Phil Ochs

phil ochs circle friends song quotes
Drugs Politics War

"It's always the old to lead us to the wars, always the young to fall."

I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs

phil ochs marching anymore song quotes
Maturity Time War

"I'm not gonna stop till the war is over."

Do Me, Baby - Prince

prince do me baby quotes song
Excessive Sex War

"How you gonna make me kill somebody I don't even know?"

Partyup - Prince

prince partyup song quotes
Hatred Life War

"You can kill or be killed but the sun's gonna shine."

Premonition - Eels

eels premonition song quotes
Futility Politics War

"Is there anybody here who'd like to wrap a flag around an early grave?"

Is There Anybody Here? - Phil Ochs

phil ochs is there anybody here song quotes
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