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Need Song Quotes

"Whenever I'm around you, baby, I get a dirty mind."

Dirty Mind - Prince

Need Sex The Mind

"Money is nothing alone."

Davy - Danny Wilson

Loneliness Money Need

"I want to tear down this shrine to everything that I've done wrong."

Nineteen - Jeff Black

Acceptance Forgiveness Need

"I tried my best to be someone else instead."

Bottom Of The Sea - Matt Nathanson

Need Popularity The Mind

"Debts are not like prison, where there's hope of getting free..."

Lawrence, Kansas - Josh Ritter

josh ritter lawrence kansas song quotes
Money Need Work

"Everything feels awfully empty for David."

David - Bernice

bernice david song quotes
Drugs Loss Need

"Don't wipe your eyes over lies, let them shine their blue."

Birth Of The True - Aztec Camera

aztec camera birth true song quotes
Advice Need Philosophy

"I'm empty and aching and I don't know why."

America - Paul Simon

paul simon america song quotes
Frustration Loss Need

"When I close my eyes, I see your face."

Oh No - Commodores

commodores oh no song quotes
Love Need The Mind

"Still this emptiness persists... Perhaps this is as good as it gets"

Beautiful World - Colin Hay

colin hay beautiful world song quotes
Acceptance Loneliness Need

"Tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other from a lifetime of cares."

Love Song To A Stranger - Joan Baez

joan baez love stranger song quotes
Need Passion Sex

"I thought that if I tried a little bit harder you'd change your mind."

Sour Breath - Julien Baker

julien baker sour breath song quotes
Frustration Need Passion

"It's not that you're not beautiful, you're just not beautiful to me."

Beautifully - Jay Brannan

jay brannan beautifully song quotes
Honesty Need Pride

"We're not gonna make it..."

All We Have Is Now - Flaming Lips

flaming lips all now song quotes
Acceptance Need Patience

"I can accept that we're going nowhere but one last time, let's go there..."

Last Request - Paolo Nutini

paolo nutini last request song quotes
Acceptance Breaking Up Need

"You like to think that I'm just crazy when I say that you have changed."

Superwoman - Karyn White

karyn white superwoman song quotes
Distance Need Pride

"I want to call you every day and beg you to be near me!"

17 Days - Prince

prince seventeen days song quotes
Frustration Need Passion

"He wants to give her what he thinks she wants."

Cold Feet - Tracy Chapman

tracy chapman cold feet song quotes
Frustration Need Pride

"Be careful of something that's just what you want it to be."

I've Always Been Crazy - Waylon Jennings

waylon jennings always crazy song quotes
Acceptance Need Patience

"You might've known love but you've never known me."

Falling For Me - JOHNNYSWIM

johnnyswim falling for me song quotes
Breaking Up Love Need

"I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair and nothing is better than that, is it?"

Girlfriend Is Better - Talking Heads

talking heads girlfriend better song quotes
Need Pride Sex

"I always turn the car around."

Shattered - O.A.R.

oar shattered song quotes
Love Need Pride

"Loneliness is like a cold, common and no cure we're told..."

Girls Like Me - Mary Chapin Carpenter

mary chapin carpenter girls song quotes
Life Loneliness Need

"If he stops to think, he starts to cry."

I Will Follow - U2

u2 will follow song quotes
Frustration Need The Mind

"I smoke because I'm hoping for an early death and I need to cling to something."

What She Said - Smiths

smiths what she said song quotes
Frustration Futility Need

"She's everything I need and want but I can't be swayed by that."

Up To Me - Bob Dylan

bob dylan up to me song quotes
Maturity Need Pride

"Did you see the jealousy in the eyes of the ones who had to stay behind?"

London - Smiths

smiths louder london song quotes
Family Need Travel

"The hills are alive with celibate cries."

These Things Take Time - Smiths

smiths things take time song quotes
Frustration Need Sex

"Stay on my arm, you little charmer."

Hand In Glove - Smiths

smiths hand in glove song quotes
Need Patience Time

"Send me your pillow, the one that you dream on, and I'll send you mine."

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - Smiths

smiths bigger girls song quotes
Love Need Sleep

"Twas then he felt alone."

Simple Twist Of Fate - Bob Dylan

bob dylan simple twist fate quotes song
Loneliness Need Time

"I guess I thought you could stop the world."

Big Black Heart - Better Oblivion Community Center

better oblivion community center big black heart song quotes
Love Need Pride

"Good feeling, won't you stay with me just a little longer?"

Good Feeling - Violent Femmes

Drugs Loss Need

"I'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery."

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

bright eyes first day song quotes
Money Need Work

"My whole world depends on our reconciliation."

Do You Really Want An Answer? - Zapp

zapp do you really song quotes
Breaking Up Loss Need

"If it destroyed you, it would destroy me."

The Spiderbite Song - Flaming Lips

flaming lips spiderbite song quotes
Family Love Need

"There's no need to bring God into this."

This End Of The Telescope - Jakob Dylan

jakob dylan telescope song quotes
Need Religion

"I can't sleep and I miss your face."

Demi Moore - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers demi moore song quotes
Loneliness Need Sleep

"Further than the map said you'd be"

Sara - Teitur

teitur sara song qutoes
Distance Futility Need

"I can't even remember if we were lovers or if I just wanted to!"

I Held Her In My Arms - Violent Femmes

violent femmes held arms song quotes
Love Need The Mind

"Is this the part where I get all I ever wanted?"

Bored In The USA - Father John Misty

father john misty bored usa song quotes
Bored Need Politics

"I desperately want everyone to like me even though I don't like everyone I know."

True Colors - Boris Smile

Hatred Honesty Need

"Tell everybody waiting for Superman that they should try to hold on best they can."

Waitin for a Superman - Flaming Lips

flaming lips waiting superman song quotes
Need Patience

"I want to live at the Holiday Inn where somebody else makes the bed."

Smoke Signals - Phoebe Bridgers

phoebe bridgers chelsea song quotes
Frustration Need Travel

"In a storm you are my destination, in a port you are my storm."

Mariner's Song - Cowboy Junkies

cowboy junkies mariner song quotes
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