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"I am practicing my purpose once again."

All Will Be Well - Gabe Dixon Band

gabe dixon band all well song quotes
{ Happiness } { Patience } { Philosophy }


My daughter grabbed on to this one. This is more her song than mine now. In High School Choir, the director told the class on the last day of school anyone could bring in a song and the whole class would listen to it. She picked this song.

Apart from the personal triumph of seeing my daughter have such good taste in music, I am enamored with her believing this.

"All will be well" is a great life motto. If it's not well now, it will be well. Things pass, things change, things get better.

It is truly a joy to have her in my life and to enjoy her infectious good attitude.

I know it's impossible to keep up that good attitude forever. But at her base, she knows that all will be well. When the good attitude takes a break, things are still going to be okay.




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