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Cowboy Junkies Song Quotes

"Have you ever seen a sight as beautiful as a face in a crowd of people that lights up just for you?"

Anniversary Song - Cowboy Junkies

cowboy junkies anniversary song quotes
{ Family } { Happiness } { Love }


"I kind of like the feel of this extra few feet in my bed."

Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning - Cowboy Junkies

cowboy junkies tuesday morning song quotes
{ Breaking Up } { Happiness } { Sleep }


"Me and Suzy, we're celebrating the joy of sleeping in."

Oregon Hill - Cowboy Junkies

cowboy junkies oregon hill song quotes
{ Happiness } { Love } { Sleep }


"In a storm you are my destination, in a port you are my storm."

Mariner's Song - Cowboy Junkies

cowboy junkies mariner song quotes
{ Need }


I first saw the Cowboy Junkies live at Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland sometime around 1987. They were promoting their album The Trinity Sessions.

I fell in love with the album on first listen. It had such a country feel but was being played all over on college radio stations.

The first time I heard a song from the Cowboy Junkies was at a club downtown in Cleveland. There was a giant video screen and they were playing music videos before the DJ started.

In with the dance videos came up the Cowboy Junkies version of Sweet Jane. This was the single that put them on the map immediately.

And good albums kept coming! I liked the Caution Horses. There was a video for Rock and Bird that featured Steven Wright. The Cowboy Junkies were cool.

Their live album, 200 more miles, features a visit from John Prine, a great version of Oregon Hill, and so many of their songs just done well live.

I saw them again in Kent, Ohio, at the Kent Stage. This time I had my two sons with me. Packed house, and there we sat. CJ's sauntered out and sat down and started playing.

Three songs in and the boys were asleep.




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