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Janis Ian Song Quotes

"Let's drink a toast to those who most believe in what they've won."

Tea And Sympathy - Janis Ian

janis ian tea sympathy song quotes
{ Futility } { Politics } { Pride }


"The floors and the boards recalling your step, and I remember too."

Jesse - Janis Ian

janis ian jesse song quotes
{ Home } { Loneliness } { Patience }


"When we're older things may change."

Society's Child - Janis Ian

janis ian societys child song quotes
{ Patience } { Politics } { Time }


"When you're feeling lonely, every town's the same."

Every Love - Janis Ian

janis ian every love song quotes
{ Family } { Loneliness } { Love }


"I swear to you we'll wait for time to take its time."

Hair Of Spun Gold - Janis Ian

janis ian hair spun gold song quotes
{ Acceptance } { Patience } { Time }


"There must be something terribly wrong with me."

The Come On - Janis Ian

janis ian come on song quotes
{ Loneliness } { Pride } { The Mind }


"We live beyond our means on other people's dreams and that's succeeding."

Between The Lines - Janis Ian

janis ian between lines song quotes
{ Excessive } { Money } { Pride }


"Those people who surround you only want to see you weak enough to crawl."

From Me To You - Janis Ian

janis ian from me you song quotes
{ Hatred } { Honesty } { War }


"Pity please the ones who serve, they only get what they deserve."

At Seventeen - Janis Ian

janis ian at seventeen song quotes
{ Futility } { Pride } { Work }


"How well I remember, in the heat of summer pleasure, winter fades."

Love Is Blind - Janis Ian

janis ian love blind song quotes
{ Breaking Up } { Life } { The Mind }


"Music showed me how to live."

Thankyous - Janis Ian

janis ian thankyous song quotes
{ Happiness } { Life } { Music }


I latched on to Janis Ian early in life. Of course I came in on At Seventeen when I was right around the age of 16. I checked back catalog at the library and found Society's Child. I saw clips of the video on some music shows. It wasn't as easy in the 80's to hear new music as it is now. Search YouTube versus search Record Stores and Libraries.

I dated inter-racially in high school and there were people none too happy about it. That sucks. I hate racism.

I also came to Janis Ian through Joan Baez's version of Jesse. What a beautiful song. Janis's is every bit as good.

This woman is a legendary singer-songwriter and deserves many accolades.




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