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Don Williams Song Quotes

"Closer now to fifty than to forty."

Maggie's Dream - Don Williams

don williams maggies dream song quotes
Life Time Work

"Things back here, they never change at all..."

If Hollywood Don't Need You - Don Williams

don williams hollywood song quotes
Forgiveness Home Time

"I'm not sayin' I'm a righteous man..."

Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good - Don Williams

don williams lord day good song quotes
Patience Pride Religion

"With gin on his breath and a Bible in his hand..."

Good Ole Boys Like Me - Don Williams

don williams good ole boys song quotes
Drugs Family Religion

"You make now a so much better time."

Love Me Over Again - Don Williams

don williams love again song quotes
Happiness Love Time

"Do I look like a daddy to you?"

Rake and Rambling Man - Don Williams

don williams ramblin man song quotes
Family Pride Sex

"She thinks I'm waitin' there by the phone..."

She Never Knew Me - Don Williams

don williams never knew song quotes
Being Sorry Breaking Up Distance

The Gentle Giant. My father still says that Don Williams at the Front Row in Cleveland, Ohio, was his favorite concert of all time. I love his soothing voice, the truth in his lyrics, and his gentle mannerisms.

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