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Don Williams Song Quotes

"Closer now to fifty than to forty."

Maggie's Dream - Don Williams

don williams maggies dream song quotes
{ Life } { Time } { Work }


"Things back here, they never change at all..."

If Hollywood Don't Need You - Don Williams

don williams hollywood song quotes
{ Forgiveness } { Home } { Time }


"I'm not sayin' I'm a righteous man..."

Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good - Don Williams

don williams lord day good song quotes
{ Patience } { Pride } { Religion }


"With gin on his breath and a Bible in his hand..."

Good Ole Boys Like Me - Don Williams

don williams good ole boys song quotes
{ Drugs } { Family } { Religion }


"You make now a so much better time."

Love Me Over Again - Don Williams

don williams love again song quotes
{ Happiness } { Love } { Time }


"Do I look like a daddy to you?"

Rake and Rambling Man - Don Williams

don williams ramblin man song quotes
{ Family } { Pride } { Sex }


"She thinks I'm waitin' there by the phone..."

She Never Knew Me - Don Williams

don williams never knew song quotes
{ Being Sorry } { Breaking Up } { Distance }


The Gentle Giant. My father still says that Don Williams at the Front Row in Cleveland, Ohio, was his favorite concert of all time. I love his soothing voice, the truth in his lyrics, and his gentle mannerisms.




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