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John Gorka Song Quotes

"We're all flashes in a great big pan, and they're turning up the heat."

Amber Lee - John Gorka

john gorka amber lee song quotes
Life Philosophy Time

"The facts of indifference are cruel."

When You Walk In - John Gorka

john gorka walk in song quotes
Hatred Honesty Pride

"He comes from trouble and he's always going home."

Always Going Home - John Gorka

john gorka always home song quotes
Acceptance Family Home

"Your conscience is a constant threat."

What Was That - John Gorka

Philosophy Pride The Mind

"This sudden loneliness has made me dangerous. Please don't watch me as I fall apart."

Armed With A Broken Heart - John Gorka

john gorka broken heart song quotes
Breaking Up Loneliness Maturity

"People love you when they know you're leaving soon."

The Gypsy Life - John Gorka

john gorka gypsy life song quotes
Honesty Loss Love

The wisdom in the music of this artist runs deep.

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