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Flaming Lips Song Quotes

"We're not gonna make it..."

All We Have Is Now - Flaming Lips

flaming lips all now song quotes
Acceptance Need Patience

"It's a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want."

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song - Flaming Lips

flaming lips yeah song quotes
Drugs Excessive War

"Life without death is just impossible."

Feeling Yourself Disintegrate - Flaming Lips

flaming lips disintegrate song quotes
Life Religion Time

"Only a fool believes that he is different from the birds in the sky."

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion - Flaming Lips

flaming lips cosmic autumn quotes song
Life Religion Science

"If it destroyed you, it would destroy me."

The Spiderbite Song - Flaming Lips

flaming lips spiderbite song quotes
Family Love Need

"Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?"

Do You Realize? - Flaming Lips

flaming lips do you realize song quotes
Happiness Honesty Love

"Tell everybody waiting for Superman that they should try to hold on best they can."

Waitin for a Superman - Flaming Lips

flaming lips waiting superman song quotes
Need Patience

What can be said about this masterful army that has not been said already?

I love Wayne Coyne!

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