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Guster Song Quotes

"It's almost like only I exist."

Center Of Attention - Guster

Distance Loneliness Pride

"I find myself convincing."

Parachute - Guster

guster parachute song quotes
Acceptance Openness The Mind

"I try to let the river flow in and out of me and pray I float the way I think I want."

Happy Frappy - Guster

guster happy frappy song quotes
Happiness Religion Travel

"Tomorrow I start in a new direction."

Come Downstairs and Say Hello - Guster

guster come downstairs song quotes
Frustration Maturity Openness

"He smiled to the world but his heart fell below his pain."

Fall In Two - Guster

guster fall in two song quotes
Frustration Loneliness

Never the mainstream band, this group has been in my family since Lost and Gone Forever.

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