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Cranberries Song Quotes

"We were raised to see life as fun and take it if we can."

Ode To My Family - Cranberries

cranberries family ode song quotes
Family Happiness Life

"My life is changing every day in every possible way."

Dreams - Cranberries

cranberries dreams song quotes
Happiness Life Openness

"Reverse psychology never tainted me. I didn't sell my soul."

I'm Still Remembering - Cranberries

cranberries remembering song quotes
Breaking Up Philosophy Pride

"I'll be forever holding you responsible."

Forever Yellow Skies - Cranberries

cranberries forever yellow song quotes
Forgiveness Pride Time

"Inject your soul with liberty!"

Salvation - Cranberries

cranberries salvation song quotes
Life Philosophy Religion

"To Hell with what you're thinking and to Hell with your narrow mind!"

Free To Decide - Cranberries

cranberries free to decide song quotes
Hatred Openness The Mind

I would have loved to have seen them live.

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