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Smiths Song Quotes

"A double bed and a stalwart lover for sure;
These are the riches of the poor."

I Want the One I Can't Have - Smiths

Happiness Money Sex

"I smoke because I'm hoping for an early death and I need to cling to something."

What She Said - Smiths

smiths what she said song quotes
Frustration Futility Need

"Did you see the jealousy in the eyes of the ones who had to stay behind?"

London - Smiths

smiths louder london song quotes
Family Need Travel

"How quickly would I die if I jump from the top of the parachutes?"

Rusholme Ruffians - Smiths

smiths rusholme ruffians song quotes
Bored Frustration Loss

"The hills are alive with celibate cries."

These Things Take Time - Smiths

smiths things take time song quotes
Frustration Need Sex

"Stay on my arm, you little charmer."

Hand In Glove - Smiths

smiths hand in glove song quotes
Need Patience Time

"She took away your troubles, but then again, she left pain."

This Night Has Opened My Eyes - Smiths

smiths night opened eyes song quotes
Breaking Up Loss Pride

"Send me your pillow, the one that you dream on, and I'll send you mine."

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - Smiths

smiths bigger girls song quotes
Love Need Sleep

"On the day that your mentality catches up with your biology, come round!"

I Want The One I Can't Have - Smiths

smiths want the one song quotes

Classic band that I could not get anyone to see live in the eighties. Now, everybody says they have always been fans. I call BS.

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