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Song Quotes from Jenny Lewis


"She will wake up wealthy and you will wake up forty-five."

Rise Up With Fists! - Jenny Lewis

{ Money } { Sex } { Time }



"Nothing is ever as good as it was."

Melt Your Heart - Jenny Lewis

{ Forgiveness } { Futility } { Time }



"I'm just another lady without a baby."

Just One Of The Guys - Jenny Lewis

{ Family } { Maturity } { Time }



"I've won hundreds at the track, but I'm not betting on the afterlife."

The Big Guns - Jenny Lewis

{ Money } { Religion } { Science }



"You can wake up sounder if you get analyzed."

Rise Up With Fists! - Jenny Lewis

{ Honesty } { Science } { The Mind }



"You are what you love and not what loves you back."

You Are What You Love - Jenny Lewis

{ Family } { Love } { Openness }



"I can't remember why I hated you, can't remember why I still do."

Happy - Jenny Lewis

{ Happiness } { Hatred }


I don't know much about Jenny Lewis except for this album that she did with the Watson Twins. It is one of those few albums that is a pure journey all the way through.

Seriously, this album is severely underrated. I hope to share it with friends who enjoy Phoebe Bridgers or Lucy Dacus. I feel like this might have got missed.




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