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Song Quotes from Adam Ant


"I want those who get to know me to become admirers or my enemies."

Friend Or Foe - Adam Ant

{ Acceptance } { Excessive } { Pride }



"It's bound to end in tears, so let's do it anyway!"

Puss 'n Boots - Adam Ant

{ Futility } { Love } { Work }



"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of."

Prince Charming - Adam Ant

{ Frustration } { Openness } { Pride }


The first song I heard from Adam Ant was Stand and Deliver. It blew me away.

I immediately got the Prince Charming album and was enamored with it. I wore out a cassette.

I remember when Goody Two Shoes came out. I was happy to see the exposure that Adam Ant was getting and also enjoyed the Friend or Foe album.

As a drummer, the sound that Adam Ant came up with was thrilling to me.

In high school, I was in a musical called Bring Back Birdie and played the lead singer of a band called Filth. I was thrilled to dress like the cover of the Prince Charming album.

Adam Ant is truly a unique entertainer.




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