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Song Quotes from Jimmie Dale Gilmore


"The song I was singing was a cry in the night for morning to come."

Thinking About You - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

{ Happiness } { Loneliness } { The Mind }



"I can't count to one without thinking twice."

My Mind's Got A Mind Of Its Own - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

{ Honesty } { Philosophy } { The Mind }



"I got a one-track mind going down a one-train line, livin' on dreams half the time..."

Your Love Is My Rest - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

{ Distance } { The Mind } { Travel }



"I'll be waiting here when you hit bottom."

Headed For A Fall - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

{ Love } { Patience } { Pride }



"My love would never see that this world's just not real to me."

Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

{ Breaking Up } { Philosophy } { The Mind }



"Babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water."

Just a Wave, Not the Water - Jimmie Dale Gilmore

{ Breaking Up }


Smokey from The Big Lebowski has a long musical history. His voice is his signature.

I am happy to be part of Jimmie Dale Gilmore's fan base. He has a great mix of southern charm, independent fervor, and musical talent.

And yes! He also acts. During the all important league game, Walter Sobchak accuses Smokey of being "Over the line!"

With his time in the band The Flatlanders and his solo career, Jimmie Dale Gilmore has added many songs to my list of favorites.




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