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Saying I love music is not enough to describe how much it flows through my life.

I can't help but share music. This site gives me the opportunity to do just that. Share music by sharing my favorite quotes from songs.

I also am a web developer. I miss the days of personal sites. So many things on the Internet feel corporatized now.

I'm not corporate. I happily share my little corner of the web with my good friend Amitai Schleier who provides me shell access and a database.

I use the images from Amazon because they make the site look good. Also because if someone clicks them and buys something from Amazon, I get a cut.

I use that cut to buy groceries from Amazon Prime for my daughter in Cleveland. She's an art student who does great work. Ask her about a commission!

As far as web technology goes, I don't know you're here.

I will not use cookies. You will not have to accept their use.

I will not use analytics. You will not be tracked through this site.

I will not have any ads. You will not see advertisements while perusing the quotes.

I do have images from Amazon that link to the song.

If you are seeing broken images, it's probably because of security settings. I agree with that. You don't need them to read the quotes anyway.

Thank you for visiting!




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